10 signs you’re letting other people dictate your path in life


Lack of Personal Fulfillment: When your choices prioritize others' expectations over your own passions and dreams, you may feel unfulfilled.

Constant Approval-Seeking: If you constantly seek validation from others and fear disapproval, you might be letting their opinions dictate your path.

Ignoring Your Intuition: Disregarding your inner voice and following others' advice blindly can lead you astray.

Feeling Resentful: Resentment can build when you compromise your desires to meet others' expectations.

Limited Self-Expression: Suppressing your true self to fit into someone else's mold can stifle creativity and self-expression.

Living by Someone Else's Goals: Pursuing goals set by others rather than your own can lead to unfulfillment.

Constant Comparisons: Excessive comparison to others' achievements may distract you from your unique path.

Overcommitment: Saying 'yes' to everyone's requests can leave you with little time for your personal growth.

Loss of Autonomy: When you feel like you have no control over your life's direction, you might be letting others dictate your path.