4-Minutes to a New You Workout


Tabata Training: Rev Up Your Metabolism In just 4 minutes of Tabata, you'll perform 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. It's a fat-burning powerhouse!

Jumpstart Your Day with Jumping Jacks Kick off your morning with 4 minutes of jumping jacks for an instant energy boost and improved cardiovascular health.

Squats for Lower Body Strength Squats are fantastic for toning your legs and glutes. Do them for 4 minutes to strengthen your lower body and enhance stability.

Planks for Core Stability A 4-minute plank workout engages your core muscles, improves posture, and builds a rock-solid midsection.

Rapid-Fire Push-Ups for Upper Body Strength Get sculpted arms and chest by performing push-ups for 4 minutes. Adjust the intensity to suit your fitness level.

Quick Burpees for Total-Body Conditioning Burpees combine strength and cardio in a 4-minute package. They're ideal for a full-body workout in a flash.

Mountain Climbers for Cardiovascular Endurance Boost your heart rate and improve endurance with 4 minutes of mountain climbers—a high-intensity exercise that torches calories.

High Knees for Fat Burning Elevate your heart rate and melt fat with 4 minutes of high knees. It's a simple yet effective workout for beginners.

Cool Down with Yoga Stretches Wrap up your 4-Minutes to a New You Workout with 4 minutes of yoga stretches to enhance flexibility and promote relaxation.