5 Things Every Intern Should Know Before Working New York Fashion Week


Dress the Part: When interning at New York Fashion Week, your attire matters. Dress stylishly and professionally, as you'll be surrounded by fashionistas. Blend in, but don't overshadow the designers.

Network Relentlessly: NYFW is a hub for industry professionals. Use this opportunity to network with models, designers, and editors. Exchange business cards and follow up promptly.

Prepare for Long Hours: Be ready for grueling schedules. Fashion Week can be exhausting, with late-night events and early morning call times. Stay energized and focused.

Learn to Multitask: Interns are often juggling various tasks simultaneously. Prioritize and manage your time effectively to meet deadlines and impress your superiors.

Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest fashion trends and industry news. Being knowledgeable about the designers and collections will make you more valuable.

Be Adaptable: Fashion Week is unpredictable. Be prepared to handle last-minute changes and unexpected situations with grace and flexibility.

Stay Humble: Remember that you're there to learn. Be respectful, open to feedback, and willing to take on any task. Your attitude can make or break your NYFW experience.