7 Proteins To Add To Your Grocery List

Sirloin Steak According To The Usda A 4-Ounce Sirloin Steak Provides Over 22 Grams Of Protein And Nutrients. Beef Contains Vitamin B12 Calcium Potassium And Heme Iron Which Human Systems Absorb Better Than Plant Iron. Additionally It Is Rich In Phosphorus Niacin Magnesium Folate And More.

The american diabetes association recommends cottage cheese because it doesnt cause blood sugar to rise

If you want to avoid sugar choose a peanut butter with only peanuts and salt

Mixed Nuts Even Peanuts Which We Name Nuts But Are Legumes Are High In Protein. According To Nutrients Study Nuts Like Pistachios Walnuts Pecans And Others Can Help You Feel Full And Stabilize Your Blood Sugar. One Ounce Of Mixed Nuts Has 5 Grams Of Protein.