Cardio Exercises To Stay Fit As You Age

Cardio exercises help you stay fit as you age

If you want to maintain your fitness level into old age riding an exercise bike is a great way to do it

Cyclists may enjoy pedaling to the beat of the music in a group setting with the added advantages of socialization and improved cardiovascular health

Swimming is a great option since its low impact and you get a full body workout

Swimming is an excellent alternative for individuals who are healing from injuries since it uses so many muscles and improves cardiovascular health in only 10 to 30 minutes a day

Walking is a great form of exercise for your mind and body

Walking 30 Minutes A Day" May Help Avoid Heart Disease Diabetes And Depression. "It'S Great To Receive A Correct Fitting For Walking Shoes That Give Support!

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Elliptical Try Out An Elliptical Machine The Next Time You Visit The Gym. This Cardio Machine Is Ideal Since It Allows You To Train Your Lower And Upper Body Without Risking Injury.