Dog caught in driver's seat of moving Sports car | Slovakia 2023


Ru-roh. According to officials, a speed camera in Slovakia punished the driver of a car when it appeared to photograph a dog behind the wheel of the moving vehicle.

The Skoda was speeding near the village of Terusy in western Slovakia, according to a Facebook post by Slovakian police on Friday.

The now-viral speed camera picture shows the brown hunting dog, who looked to be seated in the driver's seat, in motion.

Police jokingly said that the pup-etrator's intentions for the day's hunting were probably ruined.

The vehicle's owner, a 31-year-old man, claimed that the animal had unintentionally leaped into his lap.

However, authorities said there was no evidence of that, as no such movement was captured on camera.

Police did not confirm the incident's timing or the amount of the fine. Police advised careful animal transportation to avoid similar risky circumstances.