Most Popular North American Pizzas

Pizzas are the most popular in north america

Stuffed Pizza Stuffed Pizza Like Deep-Dish Pizza Was Popularized In Chicago Later Than Deep-Dish.

Chicago Thin-Crust Pizza This Chicago-Style Pizza Has A Zesty Tomato Sauce Shredded Mozzar Ella And A Crispy Nearly Cracker-Thin Dough.

Ed Ladou And The Cooks At Chez Panisse Invented This Pizza In 1980 Mixing New York And Italian Thin Crust With Odd Toppings. Cali Pizza

Greek Pizza Boston Greek Immigrants Invented Greek Pizza In The Late 1960S.

Stromb Oli The American Stromboli Like A Calzone Is A Savory Turnover Filled With Mozzarella Or Other Cheeses Italian Meats Like Salami

Hawaiian Pizza Is A Canadian Creation Featuring Cheese Ham And Pineapple Pieces. Hawaii Pizza

Italian pizza is a thick square pizza with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce in the us italian pizza