Popular Vegetables In The U.S.

Vegetables in the us are popular

Tomatoes Are A Popular American Veggie. Tomatoes Are A Frequent Element In Salads Sandwiches And Pasta Sauces In The U.S. Tomatoes

Onions American Onions Are Also Popular. American Soups Stews And Casse Roles Use Them.

American Salads And Sandwiches Commonly Include Lettuce. Most Americans Eat Iceberg Lettuce . Lettuce

Carrots America Loves Carrots. They'Re Consumed Fresh Cooked Or In Stews.

French Fries Mashed Potatoes And Baked Potatoes Are American Staples. Potatoes

Bell peppers are used in salads sandwiches and pizzas

Cucumbers are included in salads and side dishes