The best protein bars ranked by a nutritionist


RXBAR: With simple, clean ingredients like egg whites, dates, and nuts, RXBAR tops the list for its transparency and high protein content.

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar: Low in sugar and packed with fiber, Quest bars offer a wide range of flavors to satisfy your cravings.

KIND Protein Bars: These bars combine whole ingredients like nuts and seeds with a generous dose of protein, making them a nutritious choice.

ONE Protein Bar: Known for its great taste and low sugar content, ONE bars provide 20g of protein per serving.

Clif Builder's Protein Bar: Ideal for active individuals, these bars offer organic ingredients and 20g of protein to support muscle recovery.

Think! Protein+ 150 Calorie Bars: With no artificial sweeteners, these bars provide a delicious, guilt-free protein boost.

Vega Protein Snack Bar: A plant-based option, Vega bars offer 10g of protein and come in various flavors for a tasty, vegan-friendly snack.

Orgain Organic Protein Bar: Made from organic ingredients and packing 10g of protein, Orgain bars are a great choice for clean eaters.