The One Deli Meat That Makes Inflammation So Much Worse

Deli meat that is fresh and bright makes inflammation worse

The owner of spices and greens consulted a health coach to learn which deli meat causes the most inflammation

If you want to reduce inflammation and lose weight you should limit your consumption of processed meat

She warned that you be very careful to avoid salami

Fresh & Bright Salami Can Cause And Exacerbate Inflammation For Several Reasons. Wen Cites A Few Reasons For This Including The Presence Of "Unhealthy Processed Fat" Which Is A Key Cause Of Inflammation And Weight Gain.

Fresh & Bright "Swap Out High-Fat Selections Like Salami For Healthy Alternatives Like Turkey Breast Slices Or Lean Ham To Receive The Most Benefit From Deli Meats Without Unfavorable Side Effects Like Weight Gain Or Inflammation" She Advises.

Fresh & Bright In Addition To Being Excellent Sandwich Toppings Turkey And Ham Are "Far Lower In Saturated Fats And Contain Less Preservatives Than Processed Deli Meats Like Salami" Says Wen.

They are fresh and bright and they are lower in cholesterol