The Secret To A Balanced Vegetarian Diet

A balanced vegetarian diet is the secret

Protein Fruits Vegetables Legumes And Whole Grains Are All Excellent Sources Of Protein. Beans Lentils And Peas Are The Most Well-Known Examples; However Nuts And Se Eds Are Also Fantastic Options.

Protein Protein-Rich Foods Include Whole Grains Like Teff Quinoa And Wheat. Blackberries Include Two Grams Of Protein Per Cup And Surprisingly Broccoli Has Thirty Percent Of Its Calories As Protein.

Vegetables like broccoli and dark leafy greens are excellent choices for getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals

There are many types of beans that are rich in fat and low in calories

Vegetab les fruits vegetables nuts and seeds as well as whole grains like teff quinoa and oats are all excellent sources of protein

Almond milk is easy to make at home

Milks with added vitamins and minerals are often offered in grocery shops