This Hiit Cardio Workout Can Help You Lose Fat Faster.

Sprint Intervals The Method: Picture A Sprinting Track. Begin By Standing Tall Then Sprint For 20–30 Seconds. Next Walk Or Jog Slowly For 60–90 Seconds. Iterate This Process.

Sprint Intervals Sprint Intervals Offer More Than Speed. Like A Heart Symphony. Sprinting Intensely Boosts Metabolism Heart Health And Leg Strength. Your Anaerobic Capacity Increases Making You More Robust In Strenuous Activities.

Jumping Jacks The Method: Think About Your Carefree Youth. Keep Your Arms At Your Sides And Feet Together. Bring Forth Your Inner Child And Jump Up With Broad Legs And Upper Arms. Repeat From The Beginning.

Burpees Advantages: Burpees Provide A Complete Workout. They Challenge Your Chest Shoulders Arms And Legs And Raise Your Heart Rate. Burpees Improve Strength Endurance And Fast Calorie Burning.

Mountain Climbers The Method: Imagine Focusedly Ascending A Tough Mountain. Beginning With A Firm Push-Up. Maintaining Plank Stance Alternate Knees To Chest Running.

Mountain Climbers Features: Mountain Climbers Are Exercise'S Swiss Army Knife. They Work Your Core Shoulders And Legs. While Raising Your Heart Rate They Boost Cardiovascular Health And Leanness.