Try These 5 Modern Haircuts To Look Younger After 40

Blunt Bob The Bob Is Timeless And There Are Many Variations On The Style Including Blunt Ends And Jagged Layers. A Blunt Bob Has A Clean Baseline At The Bottom Which Makes It Seem Stylish Especially On Older Women (But Keep In Mind That You May Customize Bobs And Add Bangs If You Wish).

Mid-Length Cut With Long Layers The Face Can Appear Thicker By Keeping The Hair Lighter In The Back And Shorter In The Front And By Ensuring That The Length Is Neither Too Short To Extend And Drag The Face Downward Nor Too Long To Expand The Face.

Bangs Bangs Instantly Boost Your Look When You'Re Feeling Drab And Are Easy To Customize To Your Face Characteristics And Hairdo Goals. It Works On Short Or Long Hairstyles And Hides Forehead Wrinkles And Shrinks The Face. Glam Girl Gabi Notes That Technique Only Works With Curtain Bangs Or Fringe That Is Wispier Thicker And Blunter.

Bixie The Bixie Is A Cool Mix Between A Bob And Pixie — Plus It’S So Versatile. You Can Blow-Dry It Quickly Add A Pomade Or Gel And Give It Lots Of Texture Or Cut It So That One Side Is Shorter For A Chic Trendy Look.