Who are David and Victoria Beckham's children?


Brooklyn Joseph Beckham: The Eldest Brooklyn, born in 1999, is the Beckham's first-born child and has made a name for himself as a photographer and model.

Romeo James Beckham: The Aspiring Tennis Star Romeo, born in 2002, is known for his love of tennis and has even pursued a career in modeling.

Cruz David Beckham: The Musical Talent Cruz, born in 2005, has showcased his singing skills and released his own music.

Harper Seven Beckham: The Fashion Icon Harper, born in 2011, is often seen at fashion events with her stylish mom, Victoria.

Family Values: Their Close-Knit Bond The Beckham children share a strong family bond and are frequently seen supporting each other's endeavors.

Global Citizens: Their Multicultural Background Growing up in different countries, the Beckham kids have a diverse perspective on life.

Charity Work: Following in Their Parents' Footsteps David and Victoria have instilled a sense of philanthropy in their children, who actively participate in charitable activities.

Social Media Sensations: Their Online Presence With millions of followers, the Beckham kids are influential figures on social media platforms.

Educational Pursuits: Prioritizing Knowledge The Beckham children emphasize the importance of education and have been dedicated students.